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Hey, everyone! Here is a blog about US! Brian and Me and our little bundles of joy, Jayden and Layla! Brian and I have been married for over 4 1/2 years and now we have our sweet little boy and girl. Jayden was born on Thanksgiving morning and almost a year later our sweet girl was also born! What a great month to have our little blessings born! We are so excited to have them in our lives!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our little girl is 1!

Our little sis is 1 today. I can't believe it flew by this fast. I know I haven't posted since her blessing. Having TWO babies was and still is a WAY BUSY FULL TIME job! I am so grateful that my lovey love can support us so I can stay home to be with our sweet children and teach them... or really have them teach me!
Our little girl has been such a sweet, happy girl. She always has a smile on her face ALL the TIME. She is the smartest little girl I know and watches her brother do everything. She loves him to peices more then anyone knows. Im with her all day long everyday and I know she HAD to come the time she did, cause she couldnt be away from him in heaven any longer! She said his name at 8 month and follows him everywhere he goes and plays with everything he has. I am so greatful she came to our family. Even though we were in shock of how fast we needed to get pregnent I WOULDNT change it in anyway!!!! We love you sweet sis! happy 1st birthday!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Layla's Blessing

We had Layla's blessing! It was beautiful! She was beautiful! Everything turned out perfect! I love when these days turn out so well! Thanks to all the family and friends that came and helped out!

New Yrs Eve '10

Ok so my dad is in charge of the big New Yrs Eve event in our town and there was a hypontist. My sister and I jumped up to be his volunteers. We have more pictures, but they are all burry because Brian was laughing so hard. My sister fell back and woke up so she wasnt up there the whole time, but I was. I dont remember it, but the whole family told me what happened and what I did! HA let me know if you want to know more about it. The post would be way to long if I told you everything.

Christmas Pictures

We were so lucky this year! My sister had a friend give us an AWESOME deal for our photo shoots. All of them- Family, Layla's and Jayden's 1st bday. She said she would do it for FREE if she could use our pictures for her buisness! We totally told her YES!!

Layla's Newborn Pictures

Jayden's 1st bday pictures

I had to put this one in... look at his face.

My baby turns 1

Our sweet son turned ONE in Nov.!! Time has flown by! I can't believe it! It has been a fun, stressful, exciting, and amazing year having a baby of your own for the first time! He was my baby and now is the big brother! We are truely lucky to call him OURS! He always makes us smile. He was such an easy baby. He never cried, ate every 4 hrs., is always happy ,and so much more! He is our lil' JR. of dad! He wants to be doing everything his daddy is doing. From vacuuming to working on the 4wheeler! He has so much engery and loves to be outside. We truely have to be outside for aleast 45 mins a day. He wants to learn what everything is, what is feels like, what it does and what it taste like! He talks all the time some english and bablish (english and baby talk together) He is the nicest, sweetest, most fun baby ever. He is one of our biggest blessings. Im so happy I can be home with him and teach him lots!

We throw him an "Old McJAYDEN" Party! He still to this day loves the Old McDonald song and loves animals! We had family and a few friends there. It was so fun! We had a BBQ and played 'Disguise the Turkey' (I did a turkey cause he was born on Thanksgiving). We pinned different clothing items on it so it could hide from the farmer. And we had different farm animal cupcakes . My mom was in charge of bringing the candle. Can you see the candle she brought! ha

Here are the farm animal cupcakes I made.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Layla Shay Simkins

Layla Shay Simkins 8.5lbs and 19.5in long
Saturday Nov. 20th at 12:00am we when in to get induced. The doc. broke my water at 1:15 and said I was a 4 and 80% efaced. at 4:00am our sweet little Layla was put into my arms and I fell in love all over agian! She (right now) is a twin of me!! Dark brown hair; my eyes and lips; round face. She defentitly has Brian's ears, long fingers and toes! She will be tall! She has such a dark complection and we are wondering where that came from probably Grandpa Sanders. Everyone that sees her comments on her chucky cheeks! She came out with some big cheeks! I love it! She is beautiful!

Brian with our Layla! He was able to hold Layla right off. With Jayden he wasnt able to because of his breathing problem. He had such a light about him when she was in his arms and I told him she already has him wrapped around her little finger! Its so true! He loves holding her! (I really think he has held her more then me) ;)

Jayden meeting Layla at the hospital for the first time. He has done so good with having a new addition to the family.

Holding my sweet son! He is truely the best son ever! I love sqweezing him and having him give me *KISSES*!

Halloween '10

This was our costumes for Halloween this year! Jayden was a cow! He loves cows!! Brian and I were skeletons: Brian with food in his tummy and Layla in mine!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Our Jayden in 8months

Jayden has done so much in his 8 month. It has been crazy! I kind of dont like it cause he is trying to grow up so fast! But in another way I love to see the progress he is making and I know it will be better when his sister comes.
What Jayden has done this month
*started to scoot 1st wk
*In that same wk he was pulling himself up on things
*started crawling the next wk
*Says MAMA!!! in a low voice at first (so cute)
*Standing up all by himself for more then 10 sec.
*of course wants to walk walk walk still but now can with holding only one hand from someone
*growing 2 bottom teeth

Had to put these pictures on to show you how much Jayden is his daddy! Look at his big smile on his fac! He is on a dirt bike and 4wheeler! His daddy his proud! He is starting young!

I had to put this picture on because Jayden looks so funny when he has to POOP! We call it his POO FACE. He has his bottle in his mouth so you cant see the full effect but he makes a half smile and turns bright red and grunts! SO FUNNY! And plus this picture show him standing up all by himself.

We are VERY blessed and lucky to have Jayden in our family! He is still always happy and never cries unless we say NO for him trying to grab cords to the TV. He has had a rough last wk because Mamma went back to work, just part time. He has been clingy. I have felt bad for the babysitter but I kind of like it when I get home because I feel like I am truely a mamma and can snuggle with him to make him feel loved and comforted! He is my little BUBBA. He is so like his daddy and I love that too! We love you Jayden keep of the progress! Your doing great!

Father and Son

After taking my sisters and mom for a flight, Jayden was dying to be in the plane with his daddy! We couldnt miss taking these pictures! Daddy teaching his son about airplanes. So cute!

Surprise Date

A couple of wks after Brian passed his test, he took the day off and told me he was taking me on a surprise date. He had everything planned! He asked my mom to watch Jayden so he could do this date. He drove me up to the airport and I asked where are we going? SURPRISE cant tell you? he said. When we got into the plane and was ready to take off he gave me the sectional and told me I was in charge of trying to find the different 'land marks' to see where we were going. I really enjoyed that because I got to find the diff. lakes and rivers. He taught me a lot about the instruments in the plane so I could understand a "little" about what the plane was doing.

Here is his plane he flys.

The cute couple!

Yup he took me to Bryce Caynon! I didnt even think of Bryce. This is where we went on some of our Honeymoon. I was in HEAVEN!! He even had the restruant pick us up to go have breakfast! What a fun date! I dont mind these at all! We then flew through Cedar City and if I was out on top of the plane I could honestly raise my hands and touch the clouds! It was such a fun, beautiful date! I will defentantly be wanting dates like this more often! Thanks babe for the suprise date of my life!